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Introducing Hancock Grills Sterling 40" Model

About Us

Sterling 40"

wood burning grill, flat top grill

Sterling 40" model grill is hand-crafted with American made Cor-ten® steel, often referred to as weathering steel. Corten is a group of steel alloys which form a stable rust-like appearance after several years of exposure to weather. All Sterling Series Grills are pre-weathered and have a rust-like patina. Its unique look and naturally oxidizing finish makes this grill a desirable focal point for any outdoor social gathering. The Sterling 40" grill model has an incredible 1,600 inches of cookspace, allowing multiple people to cook a variety of menu items at once.



We take great pride in our products craftsmanship and quality. Our goal is to provide exceptional grilling products and exceed our customers expectations. We strive on creating high-end grills and grilling accessories with the most competitive price point by globally sourcing all of our materials. We stand by all of our products by offering a limited lifetime warranty. Most importantly we want to share  our style of cooking with you, and to bring  family and friends closer together. 

Introducing Hancock Grills


Founder/Owner is passionate about cooking and grilling food, and has used numerous styles of wood burning grills and always gravitated towards the hibachi or chapa style grills, as the versatility of the grills makes the options unlimited. After endless amounts of research, planning and determination Hancock Grills was created. Now he can share his passion and creations with you.

Why Hancock Grills?


  • Made with weather resistant materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Outdoor short order cook station
  • Flat top griddle
  • Consistency with flavor and cook times
  • One of the healthiest cooking methods
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



  • Heat-treated, polished high carbon steel 1/2” cooktop
  • Cor-ten® steel fire bowl and base
  • Storage for wood/charcoal
  • Versatile. Use for cooking, fire pit or table



Delicious Meals


Avocado Egg Breakfast

This delicious and easy meal is perfect way to start your morning. This recipe includes avocado, egg, potatoes, grilled peppers and bacon.


Jalapeno Bacon Smash Burger

This mouth-watering burger has the perfect amount of heat from the jalapenos and sweetness from the bacon and ground beef. Sides include grilled romaine lettuce and cantaloupe. 


Seafood Delight

This yummy dish is full of fresh seafood, such as shrimp kabobs, clams and salmon. Pair this with grilled asparagus and a nice glass of white wine. 


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